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7 android crypto wallet apps

Due to the greater use of Bitcoin in the community, the need for cryptocurrency applications on Android is of course higher. See the list below for recommendations.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have started to take over the global investment and transaction scene. Now more and more people are mining Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and other forms of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency users will definitely want to get easy access via their smartphones.

Therefore, the need for Bitcoin-related applications is increasing. There are 3 types of crypto applications based on their usage. But here we will give an overview of the 7 best Bitcoin apps on Android that crypto users and miners must have.


1. Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin Checker is one of the most popular bitcoin apps. This feature-packed app is highly recommended for crypto enthusiasts. This app shows the latest prices of various cryptocurrencies around the world. With a simple user interface (UI) feature, anyone can easily digest the information displayed. Starting with Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and various other popular coins, Bitcoin Checker shows a lot of cryptocurrency information in detail. Apart from that, the app is free to use.


Advantages of Bitcoin Checker:

  • Real-time crypto price monitor.
  • Can view 80+ crypto instruments from some of the most famous exchanges in the world.
  • Can display cryptocurrency units in fractional form (Example: mBTC).
  • Notification function to announce prices that have reached a certain level.
  • Set the text to speech feature.
  • If a user loses crypto, Bitcoin Checker developers are ready to voluntarily check your coin flow.


2. Blockchain wallet

Blockchain Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet application that can be installed on your smartphone. This app can store bitcoin with many features. To date, Blockchain Wallet has been downloaded more than 1 million times and received 4.4/5 ratings on Play Store. This means that this application is definitely recommended.


Blockchain Wallet Features:

  •  Easy to master. The user interface provided is very simple.
  • Safer. With 2-way authentication, PIN protection and TOR lock, you can ensure only you can access the funds in your wallet.
  • Save and recover. Easy backup and restore with 12 random words to ensure you never lose your account even if you lose your keys.
  • Provides exchange rate conversion for 20+ currencies with a choice of 18 different languages.
  • Easy to import from Paper Wallet.
  • Open source and QR code support.


4. Coin wallet (point) Tel

Coin(dot)ph is a crypto wallet app that allows you to check your crypto balance, transfer money to other people, make payments and much more. This application looks with a simple interface but is still comfortable to use. Coin(dot) ph Wallet offers multiple shopping options including the ability to purchase gift cards from over 120 merchants. You can also find bank withdrawal options and in-store purchases if needed.


Coin Purse Features (Point):

  • Beep store.
  • Beep card support.
  • Fast, 24/7 and free.
  •   Supports loan payments or savings deposits with multiple banks.
  • Pay for more than 80 different services.
  • Bonus points for bill payments from the app with cryptocurrency.
  • Send and receive money from Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions directly in the app.
  • Online payments at 70,000+ merchants accepting BTC and ETH.


5. Crypto Price IQ

Crypto Price IQ is a real-time price tracker for cryptocurrencies. The app supports over 400 different cryptocurrencies including popular ones like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and more. In addition, Crypto Price IQ also displays historical price charts and alerts when prices fluctuate.

In addition, you can also get other crypto information through the daily available newsfeed. This app is free but it will show some ads.


Advantages of Crypto Price IQ:

  • Interactive price history chart.
  •   This feature allows you to track crypto price trends in the market across multiple timeframes.
  • Latest news and tweets about crypto.
  • You can always get the latest updates on your favorite crypto by linking the app to your Twitter timeline and Reddit discussions.
  •   Signs of price fluctuations.
  • To enable instant notification when the price reaches a certain threshold. With this feature, you will never miss an opportunity to trade crypto at the best price.
  • Supports 400+ cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.


6. Triangle

Delta is one of those crypto apps that is still relatively new but may have more features than other apps. The app can track a portfolio of over 3,000 cryptocurrencies and offers comprehensive watchlists and market data as well as price alerts.

This app connects to Coinbase, Bittrex, KuCoin, GDAX and other wallet apps for easier and faster syncing. However, in order to enjoy this winning opportunity, we have to pay a fee of about $8.49 per month or $49.99 per year.


Advantages of the Delta application:

  • Portfolio overview
  • A clear picture of your total portfolio balance as well as your total profit/loss since you started investing or in the last 24 hours. You can also see investment and crypto trends in crypto and fiat currencies.
  • Detailed analysis
  • View the current price, latest trends chart, market cap, volume, high, low, holdings and profit/loss for each coin in your portfolio.
  • Watch and market list
  • Coinmarketcap coin list. Add coins to your watchlist if you only want to track certain coins. Additionally, the app can track 3,000+ crypto coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar Lumens, IOTA, TRON, NEO, Dash, Monero, NEM, VeChain, Binance Coin. and much more.
  • Sync and backup
  • Transfer or sync data between devices and QR codes.


7. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is a bitcoin manager app. This application offers complete security. You can also manage multiple accounts, create PINs and more on Mycelium. There is also a feature for bitcoin transactions with other crypto users, offline (private meeting) or online. This app also supports wallet hardware like Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey, etc.


Pros of Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet:

  • 100% control over Private Key.
  • Function to manage multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Very fast connection to Bitcoin network via Super Node.
  • Store private keys offline.
  • Security wallet and PIN.

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